Our Expertise

Established in 2002 and based in central Belfast our experienced team of Consultants ensure that NorthernMRI remains the leading provider of private MRI Scans.

Our Consultant Radiologists are Experts in N.Irelands Leading Hospitals, Specialising in the following Key Areas:

Dr Peter Flynn, Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr Eugene McKenna, Ulster Hospital

Dr Ian Rennie, Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr Debarata Bhattacharya, Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr Arthur Grey, Musgrave Park Hospital and Northern Ireland Cancer Center

Dr Noel Napier, Musgrave Park Hospital

Dr Arthur Grey, Northern Ireland Cancer Centre

Dr Owen McNally, Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr Paul Horan, Antrim Area Hospital

Dr Nicola Johnston, Royal Victoria Hospital

They all carry out MR reporting as part of their regular NHS duties and are on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council (London).

Our Clinical Team

Our Radiographers have years of experience in all fields of medical imaging, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism throughout the patient pathway.

Geraldine Ferris (Clinic Lead)

Marie Reilly (Clinical Lead & MRI Radiographer)

Louise Gillespie (MRI Radiographer)

Our Administration Team

Dedicated to patient care, our administratiors are committed to the making the booking and reporting process simple and accessible for all.

Geraldine Ferris (Administration lead)

Elaine Murphy

Shirley McCleary

Cheryl Moseley

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Our state of the art technology allows for accurate diagnosis at the earliest opportunity

At Northern MRI we have the first Open Bore scanner in Northern Ireland. The Siemens Espree 1.5 Tesla produces superior high quality imaging, with the additional benefit of having a larger opening than standard MRI scanners. This helps reduce patient claustrophobia and makes the MRI experience more pleasant for our patients.